Get on the net today!

You don't need the latest state of the art PC to enjoy the Net. With a DSL/Cable-modem upgrade and a little extra memory, even an older Pentium can be a perfectly fine web system. We can hook you up to the Net service of your choice and Free internet configuration with upgrades gets you on the web now with no hassle.

Need More Space?

I Don't speak geek!

Hard-drives are larger, faster, and more affordable then ever. End those disk-full errors for less then $200.

Everything you need to know is explained in plain English. Lessons Available....

PC's Hate the Outdoors

Water, Heat and Vibration can spell DEATH to your PC. Most problems can be repaired in your home or office. As a bonus, In the event your PC needs to go to the shop for further repair or diagnosis, your $100 service call covers both pickup and delivery by our technician.

Can I afford Exact Specs?

At $55.00 for your service call plus $45.00 per hour ($100 total for first hour, $45.00 per hour for additional) why make two trips to drop off/pickup your PC from a shop. In addition, many problems relating to printers and network problems are solved easier in your PC's natural environment

About Macs

Apple has started to use Intel Chipsets for the latest I-Mac's and Notebooks. This will allow us to upgrade and repair the newer Apples. Unfortunately, we do not have the space to upgrade older Mac's.

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